Per SECNAVINST 5200.43, the Government-FurnishedProperty Preaward Compliance Checklist, SECNAV 5200/2, is to beincluded with the Business Clearance Memorandum (BCM).

Form Instructions: In addition tothe instructions at the top of the form, the following instructionsapply.

Block 1: Contract/Solicitation #.Insert the contract/solicitation number.

Block 2: Mod/TO/DO. Insert the modificationnumber, delivery order (DO) number or task order (TO) number asappropriate. If the action is a modification of a DO or TO, insertthe DO/TO number followed by the modification number.

Block 3: Program Name. A short descriptionof the program name the GFP is supporting.

Block 4: Contracting Officer Name.Insert the contracting officer name.

Block 5: Program Manager (PM) Name.Insert the PM name.

Block 6: Period of Performance (POP)Start Date. Insert the POP start date.

Block 7: POP End Date. Insert thePOP End Date

Block 8-16: Indicate if the clausewas included in the Block 1 solicitation/contract number reported,as required by FAR and DFARS. Use the pull-downs on the right sideof the right-hand column to fill the entries. Only the followingphrases are to be used; Included, Not Included, Not Applicable (N/A).When Not Included is used, provide an explanation for the contractfile as to why the required clause was not included in the solicitation,contract, modification, DO or TO.

Block 17: Indicate that the OSD formcontaining the GFP requirements has been completed and validatedper PGI 245.103-72. Only use "N/A" if no GFP is planned.

Block 18: Indicate that a writtenjustification to provide GFP was provided by the requiring officialand is included in the contract file per FAR 45.102(b) and PGI 245.103-70.Only use "N/A" if no GFP is planned.

Block 19a: Date of Review. InsertDate of Review.

Block 19b: Contracting Officer Nameand Title. Insert the Contracting Officer name and title.

Block 19c: Contracting officer signature.The form includes electronic signature provisions.