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Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplementnmcars

Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement

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In accordance with 5217.7405, Plans and Reports, each  contracting activity shall submit a Consolidated UCA Management Report which provides the  following information:

Contract Number

Task Order/Delivery Order Number (if applicable)

Program Description/Reason for Award

Date the Action was Awarded

Is the Action a Undefinitized Contract Action (UCA)  or Unpriced Change Order?

Original Due Date for Definitization

Date Qualifying Proposal Received

Extended Date for Definitization

Date of Definitization Modification (if  Definitized)

Negotiated Amount (if Definitized)

Profit/Fee Percentage Negotiated (if Definitized)

Contract Type (if Definitized)

Was the contract type risk value used for the  objective profit/fee in the record of weighted guidelines in the LOW end of the designated  range? If NO, provide a justification in column W comments.

Estimated percentage of actual costs incurred prior  to definitization (if Definitized)

Reporting Date

Calculated Due Date (calculated field)

Report Date or Definitization Date (calculated  field)

# Days Before/Past Scheduled Definitization Date  (calculated field)

UCA/UCO Age Greater than 360 Days (calculated  field)

Subject to Definitization Rules? (Yes/No)

Not to Exceed Amount ($)

Amount Obligated ($)

% of NTE (calculated field)

Reason for Definitization Delay


Agency or Department

To standardize report submissions, use the UCA  reporting template of DFARS PGI

217.7405(2)(ii) available at the following  website:

Note: There are five automatic-calculated fields in  this new template.


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