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Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplementnmcars

Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement

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Format. A formatted spreadsheet is available on the ASN(RDA) Policy website


Field Name


Ratification Number

The numbering format shall consist of (e.g. First reported FY16 NAVSEA action: N00024-16-UAC-001):

(A) Organization Unit Identification Code-;

(B) FY when UAC reported-;

(C) The acronym UAC -;

(D) A consecutive 3-digit numeric identifier.


Open or Closed. No other entries are acceptable. If an action was initially reported as a UAC and later determined to not be a ratification action, the item should be reported as closed.

Date Opened

The date the item was determined to be a UAC. Acceptable dates include the date: an invoice is received; an employee reports the action; or, the date the action is determined to be a UAC.

Date Closed

The date the ratification is complete or, if not a ratification, the date the item is deemed as other than a ratifiable action. Acceptable dates are the date of the order, contract/modification, or credit card action.


The HCA reporting the UAC. Acceptable entries are: HQMC I&L, MCSC, MSC, NAVAIR, NAVFAC, NAVSEA, NAVSUP,



For use by NAVSUP only. All others leave blank.

Person Committing the UAC

The name of the person committing the UAC.


The name of the contractor performing the UAC.

Contractor s CAGE

The Contractor s CAGE code.

Previous UAC?

Yes or No. Answer based on whether or not the person or contactor committing or performing the UAC has done so previously.

Disciplinary Action?

Yes or No.

Product and Service Code (PSC)

The applicable PSC associated with the product/service provided/received in the ratification.


A short description of the product/service involved and the circumstances involved in performing the UAC.

Amount Reported

Dollar amount of the reported UAC.

Amount Ratified

Dollar amount of the ratification (if ratified).

Contracting Officer

Contracting Officer s name.

Ratifying Official

Ratifying Official s name.

Additional Info

Any clarifying or explanatory information deemed necessary by the reporting activity.


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